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Eco-friendly advertising
that works.
bloomerHang is a new environmental advertising platform that benefits everyone — consumers, advertisers and the environment.

Why advertise on bloomerHang?

Active, engaged and eco-conscious media."

Sampling: Imagine a men's deodorant brand loading a sample of their product on every shirt-hanger in the country, conveniently tucked behind a freshly laundered shirt. That's the kind of targeted sampling bloomerHang delivers.

Better for the environment: And possibly your green message or corporate social responsibility campaign, too. bloomerHang makes it easy for consumers to become active participants in protecting the environment. Did we mention we collect bloomerHang for recycling?

Engaged media: bloomerHang is more than just an ad, it's a highly functional piece of household equipment too -- unlike billboards, direct mail campaigns and print ads. bloomerHang is handed to consumers by our distributors, guaranteeing exposure to your message. In fact, we estimate that one hanger generates a minimum of four impressions.

Reach a premium audience: Our distribution network consists of dry-cleaners, laundromats, corporate laundry providers and other services used by working-age professionals with high disposable income.

 Fresh: bloomerHang is new to the marketplace and consumers will notice that. It's a first in Asia, as far as we can tell.

bloomerHang can also be customised for in-house branding and messaging (say, for your company's recycling program), corporate gifts or conferences and events. 

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OK, so what do you charge?

Every client has different needs. Contact us so we can provide the best solution for your marketing goals. Call Zhiwen at +65 9180 9440 or e-mail us at thian.zhiwen -at-