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About bloomerang

Eco-conscious, ideas-driven."

bloomerang isn't the typical two guys and a garage start-up. Actually, we would really like to have a garage!

We are based in Singapore and, like most start-ups, we are the product of happenstance colliding with passion. Zhiwen, 27, combined his experience in the paper products supplies industry with a desire to run a business that gives back to society. So he designed bloomerHang himself and started bloomerang in June 2008. Zhiwen happily found himself with a business partner three months later when his junior college classmate Joon Ian decided to leave his journalism job in Shanghai to join Zhiwen in Singapore. (bloomerang's note: Joon Ian has since left us for London to pursue his Master's - we wish him well!)

We've heard bloomerang labeled a 'social enterprise' and an 'eco business' —  but one thing's for sure: We want our business to do its bit for society, however small it may be.

Our first product is bloomerHang, a new environmentally friendly advertising platform. Read the FAQ

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NTUC Income RUN 350, Organised by Young NTUC

bloomerang is a proud Green Partner of the NTUC Income RUN 350, 2013.

bloomerang is hosting a recycling drive to collect participants' old plastic hangers from home for new earth-friendlier bio-composite ones. Collected plastic hangers would go toward the construction of an environmental artwork - "A Selfless Gift" - commissioned by bloomerang, in partnership with Young NTUC and supported by the SOTA.

"A Selfless Gift" would be unveiled to the public for the first time on Race Day, 7 April 2013.

Read more about our good work here.

25 Apr 2013
LIVE Radio Interview
Novena Square 2

Zhiwen was interviewed on CAPITAL 95.8FM in front of a live audience about bloomerang and his collaboration with NTUC Income RUN 350.

bloomerang is featured in a Chapter Introduction of the Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions, Second Edition textbook for tertiary institutions published by McGraw-Hill Education (Asia). To be published for distribution in May 2013.

bloomerang was presented as a full business case study in the Asian Global Edition of Marketing In Asia, Second Edition business marketing textbook by Associate Professor Lau Geok Theng of the National University of Singapore Business School. It was published by McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) for global distribution in August 2012.

Featured in August Man, Mar 2011 issue ("Business Integrity: Greener Conscience").

Interviewed on NEWS 93.8FM, Nov 2010 for Passion People.

bloomerang was studied by Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Life Sciences and Chemistry, and the School of Engineering; bloomerang worked with the graduating class of the Product Design and Innovation course module on developing the hanger design and accessibility (2010).

bloomerang was highlighted for its business model and design work with NUS' School of Design and Environment on Channel 8 and U's evening news, Jan 1 2010.

President's Design Award Singapore 2009 Finalist, Design of the Year

bloomerHang was selected as a finalist out of hundreds of entries for this national design award.

National University of Singapore, School of Design and Environment

bloomerang is working with the National University of Singapore's School of Design and Environment to improve bloomerHang's design and further reduce its environmental impact

In the media

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Coming in 2009

Marketing in Asia, by Assoc Prof Lau Geok Theng, NUS Business School

bloomerHang is highlighted in the forthcoming textbook by Assoc Prof Lau Geok Theng of the National University of Singapore Business School. The textbook is published by McGraw-Hill Education (Asia) and it is an adaptation of Marketing, an authoritative and widely used textbook by Kerin, Berkowitz and Rudelius. bloomerHang is included in the instructors' 'Suvival Kit' as one of several items to encourage classroom interaction. We have sponsored 125 hangers to be included in the survival kits. Prof Lau's textbook will be sold in most Asian countries.

7, 9 Aug 2009

Money Week

We appeared on an episode on eco businesses on Channel U's weekly business program, Money Week. The show highlighted bloomerHang's innovative business model and its ability to use advertising as an effective cross-subsidy.

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15 Aug 2009

Saturday Special Report

The Die-Hard 'Accidental Environmentalists' 

"He doesn't fit the mould of your typical eco-warrior but a novel business idea has helped turn Mr Thian Zhiwen into a keen environmentalist, albeit one with an eye on the bottom line ... 'Everyone wants something new. Going green is a good way to create brand differentiation for my customers,' says [Active Launderette's] Kenny Thong, who also plans on advertising with Bloomerang."— Cassandra Chew

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business times masthead

7 April 2009

This Is No Ordinary Hanger

"For advertisers hung up over new ways to push products, two young entrepreneurs may have found an answer in the humble clothes hanger. Known as bloomerHang, the paper hangers created by the duo provide space for marketers to showcase their products ... 'We think of bloomerHang as a hybrid of traditional out-of-home advertising and direct mail, except better,' Mr Wong, 27, told BT. 'For a start, unlike direct mail, we are invited into your home through our targeted distribution network. And bloomerHang is a fully functional garment hanger, so you have a reason to be exposed to it and to keep it in your home. That's a point an out-of-home billboard cannot claim.'"— Jamie Lee

Allen Tan's beautiful picture of bloomerHang was fortunately picked for the front page of the Business Times' print edition, to lead in to Jamie's story on us. Thanks, Allen!

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9 March 2009

S'pore Firms Get Tweeting: Businesses use microblogging service Twitter to keep clients and partners up-to-date.

"Besides the usual e-mail bulletins and update, companies are using microblogging site Twitter to gather quick feedback and promote their latest products and services ... Other businesses see Twitter as a way to keep their business partners in the loop about what they are doing ... bloomerang, a company which specialises in producing environmentally-friendly hangers called bloomerHangs, said it has been using Twitter since the company started eight months ago ... Company director Wong Joon Ian, 27, said: "Twitter is a convenient way to update our distributors and advertisers on what the company does on a daily basis. This promotes transparency." — Chen Jingting

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Jan/Feb 2009 Print Edition

Losing faith in traditional media? An out-of-home campaign might be the smart thing to do in Singapore

"Losing faith in traditional media? Thinking of running an out-of-home campaign to help your brand reach the masses? In Singapore this might just be the smart thing to do - and you wouldn't be alone if you did. According to Adex figures, for the past couple of years the out-of-home (OOH) sector has grown steadily ... Another local startup OOH media company is bloomerang which recently launched its hanger advertising product bloomerHang ... Hanger advertising in Singapore is still in its infancy and the company is in the process of gaining advertisers' acceptance in the marketplace ... Founder Thian Zhiwen says, "The hard part is building up the circulation and keeping the laundromats and the partners happy," — Marcus Chhan

12 Jan 2009

Set Up Business to Beat Recession Blues: Go on an ECO trip or buy a green hanger    

"My Paper spoke to two youths who took the path less travelled by giving the job hunt a miss and choosing instead to start their own companies. Both got into businesses which revolve around their interests in environmental issues ... "We wanted a business that would benefit everyone, like a boomerang that hits all on its trajectory," said Mr Thian, who added that his hangers are 50 per cent cheaper than plastic ones,"  — Joy Fang

Full story at Asiaone Business SME Central or download the Mypaper PDF


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9 Dec 2008

Bloom time for hanger advertising

"Six month old start-up outdoor media company Bloomerang is looking to secure advertisers for a recyclable clothes hanger cum advertising product it calls bloomerHang ... Bloomerang claims companies switching to their hangers, which are made out of recyclable corrugated cardboard, will save 58% on hanger costs ... On 22 December, bloomerHang will run an initial run of 5,000 hangers through its distributors to raise awareness about environmental benefits of the product over traditional plastic and wire hangers," — Marcus Chhan

For the media

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